Honest and understandable explanations of the orthodontic problem in question and the ideal methods of treatment!

For our team, the consultation is the privileged moment to clearly explain to you what has been identified in your mouth or in that of your child from an orthodontic point of view, whether it is the problems or the positive aspects. If an orthodontic problem is present, it will be explained to you in easy to understand terms. We will also determine the degree of severity, the risks of deterioration in the short, medium and long term. Once the problem is well understood, we will describe the possible solutions, the ideal time for the intervention, the types of orthodontic appliancesnecessary for the correction, the duration of the treatment, the methods for stabilizing the results, the costs of the treatments, the terms of payment and the management of insurance, if applicable. The objective of the consultation is therefore to give you all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision, and this in a pressure-free environment.

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